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Welcome to The Fitting Room

The Fitting Room is a Dubai-based creative community designed to empower fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The interactive marketplace’s big plan is to connect fashion enthusiasts who value quality and originality with the unmissable talented community of designers.

The Fitting Room was first conceived in 2013 as a physical creative space, it then underwent a digital transformation in 2018 and was finally launched in 2023 with the goal of redefining and revolutionizing the shopping experience by leaning on their unrivaled understanding of the needs of its designer community and shoppers’ sense of style.

The community was created with the higher purpose of supporting designers from around the globe make their mark in the world of fashion, giving them all the keys they need to overcome the challenges the industry presents, promote and nurture their identity, inspire them, and equip them with the skills they need to thrive and accelerate their growth.

The Fitting Room strives to create a unique and creative community that upholds the values of quality, integrity, and leverages the untapped potential of talented designers as well as technology and innovation the marketplace has yet to offer.

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Introducing the Founder and Story of The Fitting Room

Shamlan Alrifai

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